BT Longhorns


BT Farms began in 1998 with the purchase of two registered Texas Longhorn heifers and a bull. Today the herd has grown to over a hundred head of beautiful bulls, cows and calves. We have a herd of blend genetics with our goal being to produce the perfect blend of conformation, color and long horns.

The Texas Longhorn is the original American beef breed of cattle. These cattle roamed the United States in the millions in the early 1800’s and were nearly extinct by the early 1900’s . This was caused by new European breeds being brought in by the settlers and being interbred with the Longhorn cattle. This unique breed of cattle was preserved largely by six families who kept straight herds of Longhorns and by the WR herd which was established near Cache, Oklahoma in1927 by the U.S Government. These seven families as they are known were not closely related and had little or no intermingling at this time. Thanks to the foresight of these early breeders the Longhorn breed has persevered and is what it is today-a beautiful but practical and hardy breed of cattle which definitely has a place in today’s cattle industry. The Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America was formed in 1964 as a herd registry. Today, the TLBAA head quarters is in FT. Worth, Texas and has many members.

No other breed of cattle has as many colors and color patterns as well as the long, shapely horns as the Texas Longhorn. In the early 1900’s other beefier breeds of cattle were bred to the Longhorn to produce a larger beef animal. These cattle received the Longhorns hardiness and foraging ability as well as calving ease and good mothering ability. These qualities still apply to the Longhorn cattle of today. As a matter of fact, the Longhorn is beginning to be noticed again for their heart healthy lean beef. Many commercial cattlemen have long recognized what a Longhorn bull can do for their first calf heifers-a live healthy calf that will gain weight and grow fast with little stress to the mother when she gives birth. The Longhorn cow crosses well with any beef  breed of bull to produce a superior beef animal and the cross bred heifers make fine brood cows.